John Kildea, PhD, MCCPM

John Kildea (photo)

Medical Physicist
McGill University Health Centre

Assistant Professor
Department of Oncology,

McGill University

Associate member
Medical Physics Unit, McGill University
Department of Physics, McGill University
Department of Biomedical Engineering, McGill University

Medical Physics Unit

Cedars Cancer Centre, DS1.7141 
1001 boul Décarie
Montréal, Québec 
H4A 3J1

john.kildea at

514 934-1934 ex 44154

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Teaching and Student Supervision

Within the McGill Medical Physics Unit, I teach the following courses:
  • MDPH 603 - Radiotherapy laboratory (instructor for one laboratory session per year)

Within the Gerald Bronfman Dept. of Oncology, I coordinate and developed the curriculum for the 3-credit ONCO 630 Practicum Project of the Graduate Diploma in Oncology program.

Additionally, once per year I teach radiation physics to McGill radiology medical residents.

My clinical physics notes, written during my time as a physics resident, and continuously updated as I learn new things in my day-to-day clinical experience, are used by the McGill medical physics residents.

Residency Session Notes  Clinical Physics Notes  Brachytherapy Notes

Clinical Physics Notes


To date, I have officially supervised (primary supervisor) one Postdoc, 4 Ph.D. candidates, 14 M.Sc. students, 6 research assistants, 5 interns and 33 undergraduate students in Medical Physics.

During the Fall and Winter semesters I offer the MDPH 396 course to good undergraduate students who are interested in medical physics research experience. During the summer months I offer paid research work to undergraduate students. The table below lists the students that I am presently supervising and that I have supervised in the past.

MDPH 613 - Health Physics for Medical Physicists

This graduate-level course provides students in the McGill Medical Physics M.Sc program with an introduction to radiation protection. It incorporates a study of the physics and biology of radiation interactions with matter and tissue and examines the application of our scientific knowledge to the formulation of public health policy. The course covers a broad range of subjects from pure science to law and management and draws upon publications by national and international bodies.

I have written a full set of notes for this class. Each year I add a little more to the set. My goal is to eventually produce a useful Health Physics textbook for medical physics students.

Class Notes    Statistics for Health Physics
Class Notes for MDPH 613 prepared by John Kildea (available upon request)

The application of radiation protection to the medical environment is studied in detail and students participate in a laboratory exercise to design and optimize radiation shielding for a radiotherapy clinic in order to comply with national regulations and following international design recommendations.

                            Overview of Health Physics
Conceptual Overview of Health Physics for Medical Physicists

For course summary and curriculum, please see the class page.

MDPH 612 - Instrumentation and Computation for Medical Physicists

This graduate-level course provides students in the McGill Medical Physics M.Sc program with an introduction to electronics and computation techniques. It includes basic electronics, operational amplifiers, electrometers, linac components as well as introductory software development and the scrum methodology for agile development.

I provide a full set of notes for the electronics portion (available via Google docs).

Class Notes for MDPH 612 prepared by John Kildea

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Last updated: 30 November 2020